Mobile Access to Interpreters in One Click.

These days, there is one resource physicians cannot do without, the electronic health record system (EHR). It streamlines their chore, making them more efficient and mobile. Why then would they count on a desktop phone to access their interpreters?

Click, Connect, Communicate.

Within the EHR itself, once the patient is identified as a limited English proficient individual (LEP), you head to the Language Mobility drop-down and select the desired language. And in less than a minute, on average, you will be connected with your professional, healthcare-specific interpreter.

Two Hundred Languages in an Instant.

When a situation goes from bad to worse, who has time to look for a phone, a number, a code? That’s often what happens when physicians are tending to an emergency. Or worse, they rely on a brother, a son, a nephew, a cousin, to relate and collect information to and from a limited English proficient patient.

No more scrambling for a phone. No more waiting.

Our average connect time is forty-five (45) seconds. The moment the LEP patient is looked up in the EHR, you will have access to an interpreter directly from the platform. Please contact us for a demonstration at [email protected]. We’ll be happy to help.